Legacies are made of this

As we look back in our history, there are scores of Kiwis who crossed barriers to bring Jesus to parts of the world where he wasn't known. Too many, even just counting SIM, to tell all their stories here. One story involves Randal Bailey, a doctor who went with his wife Robyn to serve in Benin (and

Using the talents God gave

SIM videographer Tze-Hung Seeto is using his gifts to mobilise people who can share the good news of Jesus Christ That strong call from God has taken him all over Asia, to Africa and now to South America, where he has been working in Bolivia, Chile and Peru to develop the gifts God has given him and then

Good and Faithful Servants

Kimi and Meafou Aukino returned to New Zealand on June 6 after 28 years of faithful service in Peru and Bolivia. Their work with churches in and around Santa Cruz has produced much fruit. Here are a few of the hundreds of stories from their time in Santa Cruz: Arriving home in a taxi, Kimi