screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-37-15-am-2HIV/AIDS in Thailand

For people like Anong and her daughter (right) it’s only the friendship of Radical Grace workers faithfully over time that has transformed a life with limited hope, a lack of self-worth and little vision of a future worth living for into the opposite.

Recent statistics put the HIV infection rate in Thailand at over 40 people per day, half of them youth. The reality for many of them day-to-day is that they continue with negative behaviours such as drug use. They may not be able to take responsibility for specific roles and end up relying on others. It can mean they lose motivation to keep up medication and health care. Each of these has its own implications for a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Radical Grace: Relational Approaches to HIV and AIDS

Our ministry focuses on bringing about internal transformation in people living with HIV, to help them discover a sense of purpose and worth. This leads to planning for a future; changing attitudes; adhering to medical care; increasing independence; developing problem-solving skills. We work towards unity in families and communities, with members caring for and helping each other.

We also equip local pastors and community leaders in culturally respectful ways to understand the virus and its impact. During Radical Grace workshops, participants assess local cultural, political, and socio-economic drivers for HIV and injustice. Thus issues of injustice can be remedied rather than directing prevention and care with an ‘us and them’ motivation.   The team works with other organisations to explore a Christian response.  Tools include training participants to run workshops in their own communities, extending the reach of awareness.

· for those who have already received training in HIV-related issues, that they will be able to apply what they have learned to their places of influence.
· for inter-agency partnerships to bring unity in the Kingdom, bless Thailand and deepen the effectiveness of each partner’s work.

The following amounts will fund these items:

$18.00                                   Care package for one person
$25.00                                   Sustainable garden for a family affected by HIV
$32.00                                   Scholarship for holistic healing retreat
$110.00                                 Year of training for Christian leader to care for an HIV-affected community
$175.00                                 Life skills programme for girls living in prison

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