SIM Peru flood relief takes action

24 March 2017

Extreme flooding is devastating parts of Peru. SIM has launched a response to this disaster by providing care for survivors who have lost homes. SIM and its partners are providing a coordinated response which will include provision of food, water, shelter, clothing, counselling and transport.

More information on SIM’s specific role in the relief effort will be posted in the coming days.

Please pray for the people of Peru and for the SIM workers there demonstrating the love of Christ at this difficult time. You may help the people affected by donating to SIM’s Disaster Relief Fund 88600

For more information and updates on the response, see the SIM Peru blog here.

Note: SIM provides assistance to all people, regardless of gender, race or religion. If the total required for this emergency response is raised, excess funds will ensure a fast response to the next disaster. 


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