Make a Difference in Education

all souls_22Education is a critical part of breaking the cycle of poverty within the developing world.  You can be part of our programmes which operate at all levels from education for children to lifeskills to professional skill development.

SIM teachers also provide education for missionary and expatriate families and children from the local community. Whether in SIM schools, education projects or government-run schools, this daily interaction provides many opportunities to present Christ to students.


th_monkey_schoolMonkeys Come to School (Ethiopia)

Here I am with my family as Director at Bingham Academy,  doing a ‘three cheek’ greeting with the Ugandan Ambassador in the car park, sharing the purpose of our daily Bible teaching sessions throughout the school with Muslim parents wanting to enroll their children, figuring the logistics of what to do with a potentially rabid monkey brought to school by one of our national staff, building relationships with staff, students and parents from around thirty different countries…more



SIC SchoolSIC Secondary School (Southern Sudan)

Providing  secondary education to repatriated refugees SICSS is the only independently run, English medium secondary school in Doro, serving a population of over 250,000.


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Teaching Opportunities

Are you a teacher looking to make a difference in the lives of young people overseas?  Click here for information about opportunities in places like Nepal, Bolivia, Ethiopia and many other countries.


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