Make a Difference in Community Development

communityCommunity development is a critical element in transformation and is high on the list of priorities for SIM. Are you interested in helping groups of people with community development?

You will be involved in generating opportunities for local communities to take responsibility for their future well-being.

Aid projects are necessary to take communities from the threat of extinction, access to clean water remains a great need in many parts of the world. These types of development programmes move local communities away from the brink of disaster to sustainable, healthy living conditions. By partnering with SIM today you can be involved with a broad range of initiatives including micro-enterprise projects, infrastructure development and agriculture.


nigeriaboysqKiwi Team to Nigeria

A short-term team with SIM NZ completed specific tasks with projects based in Miango, Plateau State, Nigeria. For Roger and Margie Upson, team coordinators, this was the fulfilment of a dream…



arsenic-alleviationArsenic Alleviation Project (Bangladesh)

In most of Bangladesh, arsenic contaminates the drinking water. Excessive amounts of arsenic in the water lead to serious health problems, including skin lesions and internal cancers. In response to the health crisis arsenic poisoning creates, SIM established the Arsenic Awareness and Alleviation Project.

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Agricultural Development Facilitator (Niger)

Here is a unique opportunity to convey God’s love through a community development programme. An urgent need exists for an agriculturalist to provide oversight to an agricultural program that enables Nigerien farmers to become self-sustaining. It shows them how to grow and market alternative crops that provide food security and economic development. Would God be leading you to this position?

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