Dr Julie Lincoln writes of a patient’s story from one of the clinics she works with – a story of hope and change!

Puse163 year old Puse came to the Jumla Leprosy Centre with an ulcer on his left foot. He used to work in India to earn money. Puse had no feeling in his left leg for many years and didn’t care for it. Gradually it grew worse and he started to worry about it. Many times he used herbal treatment but without success. Puse showed his leg to a witchdoctor but he also couldn’t do anything. The wound remained infected and having spent lots of money unsuccessfully, he then came to Jumla for examination and treatment.

Puse was diagnosed with leprosy. When he was told he had leprosy he sadly remembers: “I felt like I had fallen from the highest tree and wanted to die rather than to live. I searched for ideas how to die and wept a lot. I wondered how my family would respond if they found out I have leprosy. For a while I stayed far away from them. My wife and son found out that I had leprosy as my behaviours changed. Even so, they were kind to me, showed love and reassured me. Only then, I calmed down and started to take the medicine. Now, I am well again even though there is no feeling in my feet, so I need to care for them responsibly. The ulcer on my left leg is healed and I can walk home easily.  I have to do lots of work in my home and if an ulcer occurs in my leg again I will come to the leprosy centre right away.”

Accessibility to basic health care and speciality treatment for diseases like leprosy can make a world of difference for patients like Puse, enabling them to be treated with dignity and have hope for a future.

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