From Waidale to the World

As we look back and celebrate 125 years, it's not just about the people who crossed formidable barriers to bring Christ to people without him around the world. It is also about those at home who prayed and gave financial support. Deep in Southland lies rolling pasture that belongs to Waidale Trust, a farming enterprise existing


After 125 years of our mission, we celebrate innumerable endeavours carried out in humble service to the Lord. But we have also made mistakes. Here are 10 which have, on occasion, rendered our ministries ineffective and which we must guard against— not to discourage any of us, but rather to inspire us to keep Christ at the

Still much to do

Even where SIM started, there is still work to do. More than half the 180 million people in Nigeria would today claim to be Christians — a testament to the work of SIM’s founders and other agencies who sowed the seeds of a huge gospel growth across central Africa. Our founders Walter Gowans, Thomas Kent and Rowland Bingham