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Prayer baked in

How do you bake cake without an oven? This is the question I was asking myself for the third time while standing in front of an audience of fourteen women and waiting for a miracle.   Last year God led me to start a Baking Supply Business that would teach women to

Learning from Jesus the mobiliser

The gospels illuminate for us Jesus's life and movements to accomplish the mission of God, through mobilisation.  The first lesson I learned from studying the gospels is that the primary purpose of mobilisation is discipleship; that Jesus's call, command and challenge to pray was for Christians to be active in discipleship.    This 

Healing the holy man

In the early weeks of winter, Gobind arrived at an EHA hospital in extreme pain. Ten years before, his wife had left him. She’d taken their only child with her. In response, he’d become a sadhu (Hindu holy man) – renouncing worldly pursuits and possessions and living in a temple, receiving alms offered by worshippers. It