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Are you a trailblazer?

Or are you someone who prefers to know what you're up for in advance? Someone who likes it when a buddy goes on ahead to scout out the lie of the land?  Some of us are pioneering types, pathfinders, who relish the challenges of blazing a trail. Both are needed in the big adventure

Living on the frontier

“Things are always changing here. Some of the concerns that we had when we first arrived actually aren’t necessarily concerns anymore,” Tim* says. “That’s actually been a stress – just trying to keep up with what’s changing.” It’s the hottest time of year in Myanmar. The relentless tropical sunlight bears down in Yangon, where Tim

Praying through Hindu festivals

Diwali, popularly known as the Festival of Lights, is probably the most significant and well-known Hindu celebration. This cultural and religious extravaganza takes place this week for five days (starting November 7), and stands out amongst the many Hindu festivals for its fireworks and colourful displays. Stories of the festival’s origins vary across