We have the privilege of coming near to God every day, but I’m thankful for SIM’s yearly commitment to the 10 Days of Prayer. This year the days between Ascension and Pentecost occur from May 25 to June 4. Together let us come near to God and focus on his attributes.

For many of you, these 10 Days of Prayer come at a time of demanding responsibilities and personal challenges. This spiritual practice is not a standard by which we measure ourselves or each other. Rather, it is an invitation: “Come away with Me. Worship. Rest in My Presence. Seek My Face. Let Me restore your soul and lead you in righteous paths.”

As much as is possible, we encourage you to meet with others – in pairs, small groups, or large gatherings – to encounter God together and invite His Spirit to work amongst us. 

— Marcia Strauss, SIM International Prayer Coordinator

The pdf for 10 Days of Prayer can be accessed here.


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